Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too many projects!!

I'm not getting much sewing done, only buying more stuff to sew! How crazy is that? I have just bought 14 yards of outdoor fabric to recover my cushions for the patio furniture and then I had to buy more needles for the serger so that I could sew this fabric plus several presser feet for the serger and now I need to buy the sewing thread that is outdoor friendly so that when I do get them cut out and sewed they won't fall apart in a year or two!! Plus it is too windy each day I want to get outside and spray paint the furniture! I need to get this done so when it warms up I can use it.

And I bought a new pattern for knits that I want to try plus I bought 6 different pieces of all types of knit fabric at Wal-Mart last Saturday and it is still sitting in the bag on the floor of the sewing room. As I'm typing this I realize I like to buy stuff for sewing as much as I like to sew. Then Thursday I went to Barnes and Noble and bought 2 sewing magazines and a big new sewing book published by Singer that is full of beautiful pictures of all sewing techniques.

And of course last Saturday, the really big new car!! I bought one of those new Toyota crossover SUV's the VENZA. The color is Sunset Bronze Mica and it is beautiful. I have ALL the bells and whistles. Back up camera, DVD player in the back with 2 wireless headphones, Navigation package that has voice command, bluetooth telephone connection that is voice activated, Satelitte radio, auto dimming high beam headlights that is the coolest thing ever! Also, the automatic back hatch door that you just press a button and the no key startup and door opening and locking. It is the coolest vehicle ever!!!

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