Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sewing update!

I finished the blouse last night and I really like this one, the fabric is so much better.

I made a fantastic purchase this morning on my way back from Weight Watchers (another 2.4# BTW!!) at this garage sale. I bought 4 boxes of patterns and 3 rulers for $30....I had $100 worth of fun just going through the patterns. Even Mama looked through them, I think she had that much fun looking through them too, and she doesn't sew! Here are pics of what 2 of the boxes look like after I went through them. And here is a picture of the fabrics I bought last weekend in New Orleans.

The one on the left is a paisley knit, then a pique polka dot, navy linen and then the paisley cotton/stretch. I need to get them washed. The polka dot needs to sit in vinegar and water to set the colors so they won't bleed. This was suggested by the owner. And I did a little online purchasing during the week and all of it arrived in the mail today.

I bought more Palmer Pletesch interfacing, waist band interfacing, pattern tracing paper and then from Pamela's Patterns, The perfect Tee Shirt, The Perfect Tank Top and the T-shirt makeover pattern along with some Heat'n'Bond for the hems of the T's.

Also, I broke down and purchased Pattern Master Boutique 4 from Nancy's Notions and it has shipped so I should get it next week sometime. Plus I registered for the making pants better online sewing class at PR which begins in June.....whew...I'm going to be very busy!

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