Monday, July 6, 2009

Updating the sewing room ---- AGAIN!

I know, I've a "sick mind" as my sister says!!! I wanted to start using the clam shell ironing press that Jayne gave me and I had no room with the way the room was laid out. So....I ask my DH to build me shelves to free up some floor space and this is how they look! I love them!!!
Then I was able to put a table under them to house the ironing press...see!
Then, since he was building stuff, I asked him to cut me a piece of peg board and this is how it came out! I even found some cute baskets that fit on peg board. I found some really cute 3 ring binders, boxes and magazine holders at Office Depot, so I think I'm really finished with the organization of this room.....maybe???
More pictures:

My next class through PR started today, Stitch and Flip Jacket! The first lesson download was today, so I found out that the pattern I wanted to use wasn't a good choice for this technique, so I went out at lunch to Hobby Lobby and bought this pattern to use

I'm going to use a fabric that I bought while in Seattle and a lining that was in the stash from Vicki. I'll post when finished.

Plus yesterday I made the muslin of another sleeveless top that I will try to cut out this week. It is a simple top and should be easy to sew in a night or two. Another project I started this weekend was to put the measurements into the PMB software and make the fitting garment. I've sent the pictures to the company for their critiquing, we'll see how well we did. Thanks to Jill for her help!!! Also, today I bought a Light Box to help put the PMB patterns together. Jill brought hers for me to use on Friday and I immediately saw that this was a much needed item.
She went through the pattern stash that I bought at the garage sale and she found several she wanted. Now, I have to post the others online for sale. That will be for another day and another chore!


catspec said...

Your sewing room is so nice. I like the arrangement and the colors. Very quiet and restful looking in there!

Anonymous said...

i love your sewing room Carol! Refresh my memory about the fabric from Seattle for your jacket?
Becky McKee

Carol said...

Becky, so nice to hear from you!!! The fabric is the greyish paisley print rayon blend that I bought from the store that was like the warehouse...I forget the name of the place. Anyway I think I bought 5 yards of it because I have a ton!
Are your classes over for now?

Cindy May said...

This room is officially my inspiration!! I love it!! Please tell me where you got that awesome vintage looking tissue paper roller/cutter thingy?
Just beautiful!!

Carol said...

The vintage paper roll holder was something found in my office hidden in a dark back corner!