Sunday, December 6, 2009

McCall's 5890

I didn't start the Burda magazine dress yet, but it is all cut out and ready. Instead I sewed McCall's 5890.

I made it from a really nice knit that I bought on a whim at Hancock Fabric's a few weeks ago when I went in there for white satin for a banner project.

I made view D for the dress and view B of the jacket. Previous reviews on PR of this jacket commented that the finish for the hem along the shawl collar were odd because you could see the back side at the bottom of the front edge. So I used a tricot edge, at least that is what my serger book called it. I used a black wholly nylon in the lower looper and regular black thread in both needles and the upper looper. Here is what the edge looks like from the inside of the front edge and this is what it looks like on the outside of the front edge.

I wore this the other day and it is so very comfortable. Here is the whole ensemble as I wore it

Here is just the dress.

I had to do some alterations on the dress because the fullness of the skirt was a little too matronly for my taste. From the picture on the pattern envelope, it doesn't look that full. I cut the size 18 and it fit perfect at the shoulders and bust, but after it was sewn, I ended up tapering about an inch at each side seam at the waist and ending up with about 4 inches at the bottom. Each princess seam was tapered from 1/2" at the waist to about 2 inches at the bottom, to give the dress a more straight skirt look, but with a little flip. I really like the way it turned out.
I can even wear it with a black blazer for a bit of a different look.

The next project WILL be the Burda dress!

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