Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm finally back in the sewing room after my working/R&R trip to Porto, Portugal.  I returned late Wednesday, Oct 13th and needed a day to recover!  Last Sunday I finished trimming the binding for the quilt and then I took 4 evenings to hand stitch the binding to the quilt.  Today I made the label and attached it.
I took the quilt to my Sassi Srippers Quilt Guild club on Thursday and they told me the name of the pattern was Hole in the Barn Door.  I had no idea what the pattern was and surely appreciated the info.  Here is the finished quilt.

Then I worked on the embroidery of the book cover for our Iota Epsilon yearbook, for our newest member, Joan.  I finished that and will give it to her this weekend at our "Get-A-Way" weekend in Tickfaw State Park.  I'm giving Paula the quilt then as well.

Those were 2 items needing to get finished before the end of October!

Now I want to finish the Mama's Boy Quilt that I started in January and work on a few items that I had plans for gifts.  My machine quilting class is now rescheduled for November 13th.  So I'm looking forward to that too.

Here is a few pics of Porto!

Until next time.....

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