Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike is gone....things back to normal???

Ike finally made it's way to Texas, but not without giving us a little grief. The winds were horrible and of course the yard is flooded again and the power went out again but only for a short time.
Friday night we found a snake in the hall heading to my bedroom!! We have also found 4 skinks in the house, which Hunter loves to catch and play with until there are dead carcasses left and removed tails! He gets a treat for each one he kills! How are these little creatures finding their way into my house???
Saturday after doing a little cleaning (checking for any additional critters) I had to get out of the house! I finally got to a quilt shop that I had been wanting to visit and headed over to Hancock's with the Bernina store inside. There was a coupon sale for $10 off any $50 purchase, which I took advantage of and purchased a new foot (#57) and 3 boxes of Bernina needles.
I was going to start working on my Cotton Theory quilt using my paisley fabric, I am short 6 more fabrics!!! So, I started my wall hanging, I'll post the final project when I finish.
I booked my airfare to see my DD and her family, again! The other trip for GS's 2nd birthday was cancelled due to Gustav, so I'll try it again next weekend. I'm heading to Dallas Wednesday for a bank seminar for work and this weekend I have a cooking class to attend. I need these things to take my mind off the hurricane havoc!

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