Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally made it ....

Well I finally made it to visit my 2 year old Grandson this past weekend, a little late for his birthday party, but I made it there all the same (Gustav can't stop me forever).
He is so much fun!!!! Here he is in his birthday party outfit (that he didn't get to wear!). I was very hard to get him to stay still long enough to get a picture that wasn't blurry or of just the back of his head....he never stops!!!

For his birthday I bought him his "big boy bed". It is a cute cherry finish toddler bed. The crib mattress fits in there and he just looks so cute in there. He is doing great sleeping in there, no problems keeping him in it. Good thing I made it there to get his bed because when we were loading it into the truck to throw in the trash, all the spindles fell out. It was 30 years old and kept in the hot attic for 25 years, so I guess it served its purpose. His mother used it as well as his Uncle Bubba and now it has been put into the trash!
While I was visiting my DD and I visited several fabric stores and I purchased quite a few pieces and notions. I added a few more paisley fabricsto the stash for the quilt (that will end up costing me $1000 bucks before I finish). I also found this unique black silk fabric with fussy dragonflies that I will make a couple of pillows with. I have no idea who will get them, but I couldn't resist the fabric. I'll post pics soon.
Hopefully, I will get some sewing done this weekend. My feet are on the mend so I hope to rest some this weekend.

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