Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok so my feet aren't so OK......

Last weekend turned out to be a horrible one due to excruciating pain in my right outside thigh. I ended up going to the ER Saturday evening and they had no idea what happened to me as did I, so they gave me an injection of Morphine and a prescription for pain. The morphine injection was like did NOTHING! I questioned wheather I received "real" morphine or not. I stayed in pain the entire weekend and went to my GP on Monday morning and received another injection. This was a new drug that I also received the prescription for to take by mouth. This stuff was a miracle drug! As of today, it feels like nothing happened. It is strange that I had visited the Podiatrist the previous Monday and received a cortisone injection in my heel, a taping of the heel and instructions to go to a local athletic shoe store and buy a particluar pair of running shoes. I was supposed to wear these shoes almost 24/7, only when time to go to bed was I to take them off and then I had to wear this boot thing to sleep in. I followed all of these instructions and then I ended up in the ER. He says it had nothing to do with my pain....hummm. Not so sure buddy!

Anyway as of today I feel great. I just have to wear these shoes ALL the time. It is hard to look nice with running shoes on, I feel like such a slob!

I have to get up early tomorrow morning for my Sorority garage sale and then I'm free to sew the rest of the weekend. I received my newest toy yesterday, a Janome Coverpro 900. I bought several knits and really wanted to finish them professionally so I found this neat little machine (it isn't all that little) that does the coverstitch hem for a great price of $249.00.

I working on my wall hanging now and hope to finish it this weekend.

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