Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in the sewing room!

Finally, I was able to get back into the sewing room. I finished....yes, that is correct, finished the last 2 remaining items that I had cut out and not finished. Of course one, the aqua blue stretch poplin sleeveless top is too tight for me, but I finished it!! The other item was the Jalie sweetheart neckline top (previously posted picture in earlier blog) and it fit perfectly, except I ended up cutting off too much on the bottom before I hemmed it and now it is too short for me. I'll use it for a knock around the house top. It was very easy to sew and I am pleased with how well it fit without any modifications to the pattern. I will make it again and not cut too much off the bottom.

I also had finished before the Holiday's a Talbot's knock off top that I used a well worn short sleeve top as the pattern and it turned out extremely well. I'll post a picture the next time I post.

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Alviana said...

sounds great! looking forward for the pics :)