Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm back in the sewing room!!!

The quilt class was fantastic!  I now feel much more confident that I can machine quilt!  I know I will need to practice, but I really think this is something I can do.

My new serger arrived on Friday, so I got to sew with it Sunday and I've been using it a bit each night.

Here is my Tissue Tote that I made from the free pattern I received at The Teacher's Pet booth in Houston.

And then I made.....12 more!  Gifts!  Free!  Made with fabric scraps in the stash!

I also made a cute little pin cushion.  And I have 5 more of those to make.....because they are cute!  I'll post pictures of all of them later.  Tomorrow night is the quilt guild meeting, so no sewing then.   Friday night I plan to start on the PJ's out of the same fabric as the gift tissue totes.  They have been cut out since last September and now I have to adjust the pattern size used because they will be too large now.  Hopefully it won't be too much of a pain to fix that.  Until then..... Happy Sewing.


MJ said...

I just got a serger this past weekend as well ... looking for some projects to practice and learn about serging. Your tissue pouches look like a great idea. Please share what else you do with your serger:)

Carol said...

MJ - Well, I have been known to just take fabric scraps and just sew seams. I'm working on a knit dress right now and I'm hoping to do just about ALL the sewing of it with the serger. There are a few books out there with projects for sewing, one is by Nancy Zieman where she makes pillow covers, etc. Hope this helps.