Monday, January 10, 2011

Plans go as planned!

My plans for the sewing room yesterday came through without a hitch.

1st - the glue stick worked beautifully to get the pattern matched perfectly on the home dec fabric for my SIL.  So that is out of the sewing room and on its way to New Jersey.

2nd - the purple knit jacket came out better than I thought it would.  The sleeves are bit short, but I usually push my sleeves up on knits anyway. 

I think the reason I think it looks better is because of my new serger.  The finish on the edge for the collar and front is so much better looking than the last one I did with the gray.  I put purple wooly nylon in both loopers and changed the differential feed to N, used only the left needle, and used a small stitch width and a tiny stitch length, one click up from the satin stitch length.  Here is a close up of the finish on the edge.
That is it for now.  The purple dress is next on the plan of action.

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