Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wearing of the dress

I wore the new dress today.  It was very comfortable, but I have one issue with it.  The lining seems to have stretched in the front as the day went on.  Every time I got up the lining was longer than the dress...only in the front.  Which is strange since the lining is cut the same length all the way around the dress.  I'll have to take a tuck in the lining between the front darts before I wear it again.  I'm taking it to the dry cleaner tomorrow for cleaning.

I wore it with this white denim jacket from Chico's today, but once I make the purple linen jacket, I'll wear it with the dress.  It gives me options!

I went through and purged the pattern stash yesterday and posted the 10 patterns on PR yesterday to give away and I gave them away today!  A nice lady in New York has agreed to take them from me.  They will be on the way to her first thing tomorrow.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I saw where you posted on the Sassi Strippers quilt guild blog. Come join us, it is a fabulous group full of knowledge. We have new people and experienced people. So you will fit right in!

glen: immediate past president