Friday, July 18, 2008


I went to Hobby Lobby Thursday on my lunch hour to use my gift card that my son gave me for Mother's Day and I found 5 pieces of fabric on sale that I had to have. I decided to make pillowcase dresses for a friend of mine's granddaughter's first birthday. Of course this was NOT part on my list of projects already started! I also bought 2 pieces to go with my never ending "paisley" infatuation for a quilt as you go project. I keep gathering fabrics for this project with no beginning date set. I have to decide on the pattern I will use so that I can finish buying the stash. I still have money left on my giftcard so I can return for more to add to my stash!

I did go straight home after work and cut all 5 dresses out and finished them all this morning.

Project List as of today

  • princess seamed dress for sister (still in the muslin fitting stage)

  • paisley quilt as you go quilt

  • embroidered sewing motif clock for sewing room

  • Continue to organize sewing room

  • baby blankets for son's friends baby - born this week 2 weeks early!

  • Quillow for my Mother's birthday in September

  • Curling Iron holder

  • Embroider luggage tags


CJ Tinkle said...

Carol, the blog looks great! I'm dying to know what the paisley quilt as you go is... I love paisley anything!

Carol Mendoza said...

cj, I love the Cotton Theory quilting, which is the quilt as you go quilting that I really enjoy doing. I have only made placemats and a table runner so far. I took a workshop in Wisconsin in June at the Nancy's Notions store on this type of quilting and that is what inspired me to make a throw quilt with paisley fabrics. I love anything paisley as well. I saw your blog and your black paisley on pillows and lamps, LOVE THEM!