Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quilt shop in San Diego

I've just returned from my 4 days in San Diego with my Sister. We had a wonderful time doing all the usual tourist things. We both decided that we WILL lose some weight before next trip. Our feet and legs were killing us from all the walking we did.

I did get to visit a quilt shop called Rosies Calico Cupboard....and I have to say, I've never seem so many bolts of quilting fabric in one spot in my life!!!! It was referred to me by someone in my Bernina group online site.

I only purchased 1 piece - a creamy gold paisley to go with my other paisley collection for my quilt as you go quilt. Almost there! I know, all that fabric and you only bought 1 piece! I was having stomach issues that afternoon and just couldn't get into looking through it all. My Sister did buy 2 pieces so that I could make her a nightshirt. Another project to add to my list!

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