Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sewing room

Here are the pictures of my sewing room. We just finished refinishing the floors with stained concrete. I had burber carpet here for 10 years and my Jack Russell Terrier aka Hunter became really sick and needless to say, I had to rip the carpeting up! This works better for a sewing room anyway. I still have to make a new window topper and I do have the gold paisley (of course!) fabric, just not the time to make it yet. I'm leaving for San Diego on Thursday morning and will not return until Monday evening, so no sewing for me for a week or so.


CJ Tinkle said...

Carol, I love your sewing room, your table is awesome! I hope you like your concrete floors, that's what we have in the entire lower level of our house, and we love them!

I do however, have to wear house shoes with gel inserts in the house, or within a week or so my feet are in agony. The gel inserts completely eliminate that problem though.

Carol Mendoza said...

CJ, thanks! I have ceramic floors throughout the house so the concrete doesn't seem to bother me. I guess if I had to stand at the ironing board too long it might but I usually wear my foam slippers when I am in there.