Monday, September 7, 2009

Change of plans.....again!

I had to make a change to the plans after the cutting day yesterday, because I goofed again! I realized my jacket pattern calls for 4 front pieces instead of 2 (this happened on the other one as well and I totally forgot about that little tidbit)I need to highlight that CUT 4 on that pattern piece, seriously I really need to go do that NOW! Anyway...I was doing all my markings on the pieces and I saw that little 4 there and remembered..and I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FABRIC!!! I am about 4" short, or course it could be 2" and it doesn't matter because I still don't have enough fabric. I frantically looked for the receipt and thankfully it does have the fabric item number on there. So I called the store, and they are closed today because of the Holiday. I left a message and hopefully they will call tomorrow and maybe I can get over there before the end of the week and keep my fingers crossed that they still have the fabric! YIKES...I was so upset.

Sooo, I regrouped and I started making the knit top that is the Talbot's knockoff. It turned out fantastic!!! Yay!!! But before that my DH helped bring in the Europro Vacuum Iron and Ironing board that my friend Jayne gave me. I didn't have the direction book and couldn't locate on online, so I really didn't know how to use the thing and honestly, I was a little scared! I had read that sometimes they pull so much electricity (1500 watts) that it needed to be on its own circuit. Well, it works WONDERFUL. I can't say that enough, it is totally AWESOME (and I don't use that word often because I think people use that way too much). This thing irons a seam so flat....well, I've just never seen anything like it, except maybe from something that the dry cleaner did. Here are a few pictures of this wonderful little machine.

With that said I had a great day in the sewing room after all. Here is the finished top!

So, I may just get started this evening on my PJ's! Plus I'll get to use the cool iron again.

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Leslie said...

Cool iron! Your paisley "gene" is rubbing off on me. I've got a bunch of paisley stuff now.