Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cutting Day

Today I've been cutting...and cutting...and cutting!

I have 3 projects cut and ready to go. I rented Margaret Islander's Industrial Tips video tape and one of the tips was to take a day and just cut out projects. Gather all items together (threads, buttons, seam binding,etc.) and tie with a scrap of the fabric.

The project to the left top is my next pair of pajamas. All my PJ's are too large now so it is time to make a new pair. I bought this fabric at Nancy's Notions online quite awhile ago. It is quilting cotton from one of Michael Miller's collections. I'll be making a short sleeve tunic style top and capri length bottoms. This will be #3 to sew in the cue.

The project on the right top is my Talbot's knockoff top. I mentioned this one earlier in one of the posts. This is #2 in the cue.

The fabric is a knit that was purchased in New Orleans at Promenade Fabrics.

And the front project is my jacket that I am going to enter in the PR Lined Jacket Contest. This the same pattern that I made for the Stitch and Flip Jacket class that I took from PR in July.

The fabric is a Home Dec that I bought in Mandeville a few weeks ago. The fabric is a blend of Linen/Rayon...we think! It steams/irons very nicely, but I will dry clean. The fabric is very similar to the fabric in a jacket that I had years ago. I'm using Ambiance lining fabric that I ordered online. I'll have to get to work on it tomorrow because the deadline is Oct 1 and I'll be leaving for Mexico on Sept 22 and not return until Oct I have to have it finished and photographed and my review written by the 22nd!

Now onto a finished project. I took another class Building a Better Blouse from PR in August and I put the finishing touches on it Saturday. This is a pattern that I blended from PMB and a Kwik Sew pattern for the sleeves. I am pleased with the way it fits. Not sure about the fabric though...maybe a little too "old lady" looking. However, I do LOVE me some paisley!

Oh, and I'm down another 1.2# for a total of 44.8....yes, .2 from an even 45#. Urgh! And it has been 35 completed weeks!

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