Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Contest Jacket is coming along

I started sewing the contest jacket tonight. Yesterday I discovered that the paisley knit top I made on Monday will look fantastic with the new jacket. The colors match perfectly. The other fabric should arrive either tomorrow or Friday. I've really gotten as far as I can go for now until the other arrives.

Tomorrow I am going to do something I have never done before.....Give blood! Yes, I'm going to try it again. Over 20 years ago I tried to give blood at the hospital for this woman that had to have her arms amputated, and she was an accountant. I felt for her and her family and decided to give in her name only to be told that the meds that I was taking (Bactrim) was a sulphur drug and I wasn't able to give blood because there are too many people allergic to sulphur drugs. I never tried to give again. Last night the local blood bank called for my DH and I took the message that they were wanting his blood, then asked me if I had ever given. Tomorrow the blood bank is having a special 12 hour drive and I'm going to head over there at lunch and give a pint! I'll at least lose 1/2 pound :)))

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