Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eyeing Gustav

I see that Gustav has just been upgraded to a cat 3 storm. I've gathered all supplies and if I have to I'll be ready to move out. Of course my 440 is going with me!

Hanna has started to move west now and looks to be getting stronger too. I also see that there is another TS brewing off the coast of Africa.

My house has this stinky smell going on that I can not figure out. I noticed it last night when I took Hunter out for his last potty break. I have sprayed Frebreeze and have lit candles. We changed the air filter (because it seems to smell worse when the A/C is running) and I've steam mopped the floors plus vacuumed and cleaned the toilets. I still smell it. We pulled the refrigerator out from the wall, nothing! It is a mystery.

I'm working on my PJ's and I have run into a problem. I didn't have enough fabric to make the facing out of the fabric that I wanted to use plus I didn't have enough fabric to make the bottoms out of the same fabric as the top. So I had to make the top out of the floral and the pants out of the pink and white dot fabric. I wanted to make the facing of the top out of the pink and white dot as well, but had to use plain white and I have cut a small piece of the pink and white to sew together so that it will show by the collar. Hopefully it will work out ok, afterall it is just pajamas.

Here is the fabric I'm using for the top.

Here is the fabric I'm using for the pants and trim.

This is what I have to do to make the facing show the way I wanted it to.

I should have them finished this evening. I have the shorts finished.

Gustave is now a Cat 4 hurricane and we found the source of the stinky smell!!! DH was cleaning out the frezzers in the garage on Wednesday morning preping for Gustav and left a package of turkey necks out (thinking he would put them back in just in case we decided to go crabbing again) and forgot to put them back into the freezer, so they have been sitting out since Wednesday morning...yep, that is a horrible smell!!! So now the garage door is open as well as the utility room door and hopfully it will air out and go away!

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