Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preparing for storms

Last night we gathered all the battery type of lighting to see exactly what we have and if we needed any batteries. We have so many lights and extra batteries we will be very lit up! Hubby made sure the generator still runs and the portable AC, then filled up 4 gas cans and will get butane for the grill today as well as some canned goods, etc. We have plenty of water on hand from the scare of a storm last year. All in all we are as prepared as we can be. Now it looks like Gustav has moved to the west southwest, so who knows! There is another storm, Hannah out there on the eastern side of the Virgin Islands and the projected course takes it to the east of Florida by Monday or Tuesday. I'm leaving Thursday morning for Orlando.......uh supposed to.

I traced the pattern for the latest PJ project for me last night while I was watching Project Runway so I will try to get it started on Friday night, tonight we have a wake to go to for a friend's Father that passed on Tuesday.

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