Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Made it through 2 days.....

I made it through 2 days!!! Not so bad to eat healthy and walk on that dreaded treadmill. It actually went really fast last night. I was walking and watching Closer, so it went real fast. Last night I fixed the grilled chicken that had been marinated in fresh lemon juice. When you take a bite of that, it is just so wonderful! Tonight it is Grilled Salmon and asparagas with a brown rice pilaf.

Received several e-mails from online fabric stores that had great sales, but no paisley that I am looking for, so I'll have to keep looking. My next item to start and finish is my mother's birthday quillow! I'll start that this week.

I need to fix those 5 little pillowcase dresses for my friends' granddaughter. She's a little smaller than I thought she was. No problem though, I'll just have to unsew the ends where the elastic is and pull about an inch off of the front and back and restitch. She is just so cute. Yesterday she came walking out of the garage all excited. She just learned to walk. It is so fun to see little ones learn new things!

My grandson is having problems with some of his family members names! I don't blame the poor baby. He has a Granny (ME!) a Grammy (Father's Step Mother) and a Grampy (Fathers' Father). Oh well, he will figure it out.

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