Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time to loose some of this weight.....AGAIN!

Ok, so maybe I'll change this blog to a sewing and trying to loose weight site!! After my trip to San Diego, I have to loose some weight. I have always had a weight problem, all my life and now that I am older I just couldn't seem to get to that point where I was ready to loose some of the gained weight again. But after that has finally happened.

I started my plan this morning, first weighing in, and I was surprised that it wasn't as much as I thought it was. Still up there but about 20 lbs lighter than I thought I was. It is all just repositioned around my body, instead of around my hips it is all around my stomach and waist and my big ole neck! That after hysterectomy spread and of course being over 50 doesn't help much either.

The treadmill is sitting right behind me as I type this, just sitting back there. I HATE that thing, but I will put my walking shoes on in a little while and get on the darn thing. I plan on getting on it each evening after I get home from work. I would love to be able to walk outside but with the heat index hovering around 102 degrees, I don't think so. At least inside I can watch TV and have the air conditioning and ceiling fan running.

I finished 2 projects on my list today! I finished the baby blanket and a burp cloth (not on list but an after thought) for my Son's friends' baby girl and I finished the window treatment for the sewing room!!! It has been a good day, except for that darn treadmill looking over my shoulder!!! I guess it is time.

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