Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FINISHED project !! Nightshirt

Here is the nightshirt for my sister. She bought the fabric in San Diego at the quilting store.
Here is a closeup of the hem facing. I had never tried this before, a new technique for me.
The back of the nightshirt.
Here is a closeup of the back emelishment.

I think it came out very nice. I hope she likes it. I think it looks like one of those "dusters" that the stay at home mom's used to wear in the 60's!! Or it could be a cover up or robe?

Here is the pattern that I used from Cindy Taylor Oates called Pajama Party and I have made 3 pair of pajamas already, but this was the first nightshirt. I have another pair of PJ's for me in the next project that I will start this week. I'm going to make short pants and just use one print for both and add a smaller print for the trim. Pics to follow.

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