Monday, August 25, 2008

Watching the rain fall....and sewing

A great weekend for sewing. Fay finally made it out of Florida and decided to give us a visit. Saturday was beautiful but windy and Sunday was rain all day long.

I managed to do a great deal of sewing Friday night and all weekend. Friday night I finished the quillow and Saturday night I cut out the pattern for my sister's nightshirt. Sunday I sewed on it all day and decided to stop around 7:00pm to spend some time with the hubby. He was away in Bristol Tennessee at the Nascar races. I should finish the nightshirt tonight or tomorrow night and will post pictures when finished.

Here are the pics of the finished quillow.

I almost forgot....I finally lost a few pounds - 2!!!! Not losing by leaps and bounds but I'll take it.

Tropical Storm Gustav just formed and he better not mess with my trip to Orlando next week!!

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