Monday, August 11, 2008

No result!

Well....after one whole week of doing the healthy eating program and walking on that treadmill, nothing, nada, zilch! Not one ounce lost. I remember when I could lose 7 pounds in a week by just watching what I ate. I guess those days are gone since I hit the big 50! I'm not giving up! My new receipe book by Ellie Kreiger came in today, so I'll be able to find new healthy receipes to try.

On to more happy things! I finally stitched out the embroidery basket with daisies to go on my mothers quillow pocket. I also, cut out my precious grandson's red gingham JonJon that I am making him for his 2nd birthday party. I will stitch out the "practice" balloons and #2 tonight to make sure it stitches ok before putting it on the suit. Hopefully picture will be added tomorrow.

I purchased a new foot for my machine today. It is #18 the button sew on foot. It is a new version to the old #18. This one is rubber coated so that the button will not move when you are trying to sew it on to the item. Very nice, plus I received 20% off because of a store sale!

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